The Plan is to Execute

This is a story of an internal fight for freedom. This is a story of a plan of execution. The is the story of WorkSpaceCo. Before Covid, there was “The HeHa Story”. It wasn’t just an event, it was a sensation. Everywhere you looked, people were talking about it. 20,000 people! The buzz was real, and we were right at the heart of it.

Cut to 2020, Covid hit us and big gatherings became a thing of the past.

We had to make it happen, come rain or shine.


Future of Co-Working is here​

The traditional office is evolving, with co-working leading the way. Beyond just shared spaces, the modern co-working realm is about fostering community and innovation. With a blend of technology and design, we offer flexible solutions for freelancers to corporations, meeting the demands of a changing workforce and setting the stage for the work of today and tomorrow.

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We are in a Focus Mode

During the HeHa days, our team had a little secret: We used a co-working space. We had found a hidden playground. There were no distractions, No worries of everyday stuff, like electricity bills or fixing a coffee machine.

This experience taught us something In the right environment, you can do anything. People travel the world searching for a place where they feel right. Where they belong. They go to places like Europe, switch jobs, and even change cities.

All in search of that one spot that feels just right.

That’s what drove us: The dream to create that perfect environment.

A place so warm and inviting, you’d feel like you were meant to be there. It was this magic, this feeling of being unstoppable, that we wanted to bottle up and share with the world. If working in a co-working space could make our small team achieve big dreams, imagine what it could do for others? Here at WorkSpaceCo, we offer more than just a workspace. We present a realm of boundless freedom, where your dreams are given the space they deserve.

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From our Spacefolks!

Wondering about our impact? Dive into stories from our community, and hear it straight from them.

Truly has my heart

WorkspaceCo. CityCenter has an unparalleled vibe that’s incredibly welcoming. The people greet you with a smile every morning, and the cleanliness and efficiency are top-notch. It’s a space that truly has my heart. 

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Pooja Shroof
Founder, TBS Advertising
Vibrant Community

Excellent co-working hub with a vibrant community, ideal for networking. Offers a convenient location support for GST registration. Perfect for startup entrepreneurs seeking a supportive environment.

Om Panwala
Founder, ECOMFirst Ventures
Hassle free Play​

Facilities at WorkSpaceCo. are seriously impressive – think comfy workstations, phone booths and meeting rooms that are always ready to roll. It’s basically the dream setup for getting things done without any hassle.

Anubhav Girdhar
Founder, Parcel Money